Favorite Links

Here are some of our favorite links to other modeling sites:

http://www.nmra.org/    National Model Railroad Association
http://www.cnynmra.org/    Central New York Division of The NMRA
http://www.sierrascalemodels.com/    Sierra Scale Models carries real wood sheets for making roof shingles and other logging railroad details, including logcar kits, turf, fences, stumps, power lines, scale glass, and more.
http://www.sterlingmodels.com/    Maker of some of the finest trees for model railroading
http://www.westernscalemodels.com/    Western Scale Models makes superior craftsman kits for O and large scale
http://www.rustyrail.com/    Rusty Rails makes some of the nicest resin detail casting aound for O and HO scale
http://www.riograndemodels.com/index.htm    Rio Grande Models maker of finely detailed metal rolling stock, structures and
logging equipment for HO -HOn3 Sn3, O and On3 scales
http://www.cnymrrc.com/    CNY Model Railroad Club & Historical Society
http://www.syracusemodelrr.org/    Syracuse Model Railroad Club
http://www.chocolatepizza.com/    Enjoy your hobby with the best chocolate around!!
http://www.homeadvisor.com/r/texas-railroad-history/  This is from a lady out in California about Texas railroads but a really cool site. Her daughter found my site and I believe your article you did on my railroad and asked me if I would add it to my links.


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