About Borodino Scale Line:

The original BSL is an incredible tiny train shop, still a Walther’s dealer and still buying
direct from many manufacturers allows us to fill your needs.

Borodino is a small hamlet seven miles south of the tourist town Skaneateles in Central New York and became the name of my company and railroad.

The name Borodino Scale Line started out of a necessity to apply a name to my Hon3 rolling stock kits I once produced. I do hope to get back to that at some point. Once I arrived at the B.S. Line my wife thought it was quite fitting. It is great to be married to someone with a sense of humor.

My HOn3 model railroad also uses the B.S. Line as its nickname. The Borodino & Southern RR is a fictitious railroad based off a proposed extension of the actual Marcellus & Otisco Lake RR. The M&OL ran through my hometown of Marcellus from 1930 to 1959, but according to the history of the B&S it continued to run until 1974. It does interchange with the standard gauge M&OL.

My B&S may be seen on the www.borodinobullett.com website. The Borodino Bullett is a site provided by a caring Borodino resident to help keep our community connected. Joyce interviewed me some years ago and is kind enough to still carry that interview and keeps my business info up-dated. Thanks Joyce.

I do produce some “back drop buildings” when time allows it. I am working on some original designs to be offered soon.

I have had my DBA since 1996 and have enjoyed selling new and used products at train shows around New York State. In an effort to try to expand this great hobby, after I retired in 2003, I decided to open a part time train shop. This allows me the opportunity to share this fun hobby. Fun is what this hobby is about and showing off my work is part of that. I am currently the NMRA Achievement Program Chair here in the CNY/NER/NMRA division and us it to help fellow modelers get recognition for their efforts.

When in the Central New York area stop by and say hello!

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The original sign from the Borodino & Southern RR train station is seen from the road on the front of my garage.  It is to the left of the house.  An historic note: Borodino never had a railroad, but it's my story and I'm sticking to it. BSL is located in my garage.  Please take note of limited parking; the main reason to make an appointment. As you enter the store you can see we still supply you with our signature scratch building and scenery material. Details, scratch building and track. Vehicles, brass center, adhesives, and much more... Building kits, Scale lumber, styrene and much more to help you build your layout. Scenery materials you will need are still in stock. Vehicles, scale lumber, styrene, details, couplers and trucks to fill your needs. Lightbox Software by VisualLightBox.com v5.3